Profil CMI





  • To be a dynamic, innovative, competent and proactive corporate organization with high value business ethics and corporate governance.



  • Manage the properties of the Chief Minister of Melaka (Incorporated) (CMI) efficiently;

  • Establish the nature of transparency and accountability in the management of State Subsidiaries; and

  • Towards a performance based organisation



On 1st June 2002, Chief Minister of Melaka (Incorporated) (CMI) was established under the Chief Minister of Melaka Enactment (Incorporation) Act 1993. The early aims of establishment is to provide assistance in terms of management and financial consultancy to the subsidiaries of the State Government and Government agencies.

On 1st September 2005, the main functions of CMI has been improvised which property management has become one of the main activities. Later, on 1st January 2008, the state has granted CMI to be run financially on their own. Currently as at April 2017, CMI is responsible to manage and monitor state government assets equivalent to RM 380 million.



  • Creating transparency in providing financial and management reports;

  • Applying the accountability and responsibility of the management in the organisation;

  • Managing the properties of the Chief Minister of Melaka (Incorporated) effectively to maximize revenue; and

  • To propose and implement projects which contribute the economy of the state and for the good of the people.



  • To manage and administer the real estates and properties of CMI;

  • To apply for potential Government land to be owned by CMI for joint venture purposes;

  • To manage rentals, leasing and sales of properties owned by CMI;

  • To manage any purchase of real estate and land to be owned by CMI;

  • To execute the projects under the state Privatization Committee;

  • To manage and apply sand and mineral permit;

  • To acquire land for projects implementation;

  • To identify new development projects to be developed in strategic locations;

  • To maintain all buildings and properties of CMI;

  • To monitor the performance of subsidiaries under CMI; and

  • To manage and administer Restoran Melayu Melaka and Panggung Bangsawan Melaka.



  • Redeveloped Jalan Hang Tuah to become a high end commercial and residential centre (Hang Tuah Mall Commercial Centre);

  • Pulau Melaka East 4 (PME4) is a 750 acres reclamation land project which will be a maritime industrial park for Melaka Gateway;

  • Redevelopment of Pulau Upeh into a health and wellness resort and spa; and

  • A joint venture project to develop a 9 storeys Condotel with 128 rooms at Jalan Bunga Raya Pantai Melaka.


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